How it’s made

Depending on the design, pieces are sometimes hand fabricated with metal sheets and wires. In other cases, wax models are carved to minimize the waste of precious metal. Then the wax is cast in a lost wax technique.


Custom Wedding Band




Fabricated Wedding Bands





Riveted Wedding Bands




Wax Models & Casting



Wax models are carved into the desired shape. A sprue is attached to
the wax. Investment is then cast around the wax. For several hours
the investment-cylinder is fired in a kiln to burn out the wax model
and create a negative form of the piece. Metal is molten into the
hollow space. The piece then has to be filed and sanded to prepare
for the final polish.



Chain Making


Most chains today are made by machines for it is too time consuming to make them by hand. Some artists however take special pride in fabricating their own chains.

Design by Janja shares the love for creating chains and still fabricates the crochet and mesh bracelets/chains by hand.