Tips for Impressive Jewelry Photography Without a Model

Jewelry photography is a unique challenge. It requires attention to detail and an understanding of how light interacts with metals and gemstones to truly capture their allure. Without a model, you must rely on other methods to showcase your jewelry in the most appealing way. Here are some effective strategies and tools you can use to create stunning, professional-looking jewelry photos without needing a model.

1. Using Model Stock Photos with Photoshopped Jewelry

One creative solution is to use stock photos of models and photoshop your jewelry onto them. This method allows you to select the perfect pose and setting that complements your jewelry’s style without the logistics and expense of a photoshoot with a live model.


  • Choose high-quality stock images that match the style and elegance of your jewelry.
  • Use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to superimpose your jewelry onto the image. Ensure the lighting and angles are consistent to make the jewelry appear natural on the model.

This method is particularly useful for digital catalogs and online stores where high visual impact is required.

2. Employing Mannequins

Mannequins offer a great way to display jewelry in a near-realistic form. They provide a human-like context without the complexities of a live model.


  • Mannequins are reusable and come in various styles.
  • They provide a consistent look for your products, which is excellent for branding.

You can find various styles of jewelry mannequins on platforms like Amazon. Look for ones with a neutral color that won’t overshadow the jewelry. Here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Necklace & Earring Mannequin Bust Display: Ideal for necklaces and earrings, these busts highlight your pieces against a subtle backdrop.
  • Hand Display Stands: Perfect for showcasing rings and bracelets, giving customers a clear view of each piece.
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3. Utilizing Display Stands

Display stands are perhaps the simplest and most versatile option for photographing jewelry. They are particularly effective for creating clean and focused product images.

Types of Display Stands:

  • Ring Stands: Small cones or pillars that elevate your rings for clear viewing.
  • Necklace Boards: Shaped to hold your necklaces in natural curves, mimicking how they would lay on a person’s neck.
  • Earring Trees: Allow you to hang multiple pairs of earrings, showcasing designs clearly and attractively.

When purchasing display stands, consider their material and color to ensure they complement your jewelry. Velvet-covered stands, for instance, can add a touch of luxury and enhance the appearance of both silver and gold pieces.

You can find a wide range of display stands on Amazon:

  • Black Velvet Necklace Board: Provides a rich background that makes gold and gemstones pop.
  • Clear Acrylic Ring Display: Offers a modern look that doesn’t distract from the sparkle of your rings.
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Tips for Effective Jewelry Photography

  • Lighting: Ensure your pieces are well-lit, using natural light or softbox lights to avoid harsh shadows and reflections.
  • Background: Use a neutral or non-distracting background. Simple textures or colors help the jewelry stand out.
  • Camera Settings: Use a macro lens for close-up shots to capture details. Set your camera to a high f-stop for deeper focus.
  • Post-Production: Always polish your photos with photo editing software. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness to make your jewelry shine.

Jewelry photography without a model doesn’t have to be a limitation. With the right tools and techniques, you can produce stunning photographs that highlight the beauty of your jewelry, appealing directly to your customers’ senses and imagination.